9th Grade Planning Timeline

9th grade students need to start considering future plans to help them be better prepared for the rest of high school.  This will also help them be more prepared for college, vocational school, and the work force. Below is a suggested planning timeline for you to follow throughout your freshman year:

  • Remember that your credits and GPA for graduation begins this year!
  • Don't forget your study habits! Keep up good work habits at school and continue to improve your studying skills. Utilize your IHS Agenda to keep track of assignment due dates and to schedule time to study for your courses.
  • Use your Plan of Study to keep track of your courses and grades. Utilizing Transcript Checklists and Student PEPs (Personalized Education Plan) is a great way to keep track of the courses you need to graduate. Discuss your plan of study with your counselors when needed.
  • Find out about college entrance requirements for the school that you are interested in. The CFWV College Matching Assistant is a great tool to use to find colleges that best suit your interests.
  • Start thinking about colleges you want to attend. Using CFWV's Explore Schools section can help you look for schools.
  • Find out about AP and other honors-level courses available at school that you would be interested in taking during upcoming academic years. You can find more information about these courses from your school counselors, or teachers.
  • Continue to get involved in IHS campus and community activities, such as sports and academic clubs/organizations.
  • If you did not take it last year, take the ACT aspire test to evaluate your skills in English, math, reading, and science reasoning. This is a great way to practice taking standardized tests and these scores won’t count towards college applications.
    • ACT Aspire Website
  • If you do not have one, sign up for a college savings account and add savings into it regularly. This is a great way to development a nest egg for college expenses.
  • Talk to your school counselors, teachers, family members or trusted adults about your plans after high school.
  • Create a file of the following documents and notes:
    • report cards
    • list of awards and honors
    • school and community activities
    • volunteer work
  • Make plans on how you will spend your summers. Volunteer and educational programs can help you discover what kind of training or career would be best for you, while helping you gain various experiences to add to your portfolio or resume.
  • College and life after high school is a huge transition, begin taking small steps towards independence throughout the course of the school year, such as taking on more responsibilities around your house.


All information has been gathered from CFWV.com

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